Kim Taenggu

When she sings
The whole world stops to listen
There is nothing she cannot conquer
She rules my heart
She is a king

When she feels for me
My whole body comes alive in joyfulness
There is no one who can make me happy the way she does
She takes over my senses
She is a butterfly

When she touches water
The whole ocean starts dancing in waves
There is no place like the ocean where she can call a better home
She gets me wet with her
She is a mermaid

When she dreams
All the angels come flocking around her
There is no one who believes in the power of magic more than she does
She escapes the reality with me
She is a unicorn

When she knows I need her
She goes all out with her mind and body to make sure I’m alright
There is no obstacle which can stop her from reaching out to me
She takes care of me

I made this poem during our 3D2N staycation at Studio M Hotel. Since the staycation was specially organised for Taenggu’s birthday, I decided to make a poem about her for this special occasion too.

On the second day of our staycation (170310), I went to a cafe called Coffeemin at The Central, sat down on a nice sofa chair, and over a cup of cappuccino and a few cookies, I started writing this poem on my favourite notebook. I finished the poem on the third day during our last few hours at the hotel before we checked out at noon.

This is a poem about the different sides of Taenggu that I see in her. It’s about the different roles which she has played in my life: a king, a butterfly, a mermaid, a unicorn and ultimately, it’s just her being herself as Kim Taenggu. There could be more (and in the future, too), but these are the best five that I’ve come up with so far.

Here goes my birthday poem for my beloved Taenggu. Hope she likes it! <3

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