Taeyeon Day 2017: Taenggu Mermaid

“She has a soul of a mermaid, spirit of a butterfly and imagination like a rainbow.”
Celeste Koh


Reference Photo for Taenggu’s face:

This is the final product of the drawing that I was working on as mentioned in a previous post (LOVE DIARY: CAN YOU FEEL ME?). In the post, I mentioned that I unintentionally drew Taenggu looking even younger than my reference photo of her (shown above). After I finished my drawing, I stared at it and fell in love with this girl in the drawing. I felt as if I had already known her since her younger days.

I did a comparison with some of her childhood/teenage photos that I found.

Doesn’t the mermaid girl look exactly like the younger Taenggu? It makes my heart flutter to know that this mermaid girl really existed in real life when Taenggu was younger ᄏᄏ.

I had the idea to make a mermaid drawing for her birthday because she mentioned on her Snapchat in late January that she dreamed of a mermaid (probably herself as a mermaid).

Taenggu’s mermaid dream on Snapchat

Her caption says:

“I had a mermaid dream today”

So I decided to draw out that dream for her and make it come alive. I think the image of a mermaid really suits her well. Back during the first year when we got together, one of the rare few words that I heard from her through the voices was actually the word “swimming”. I was really puzzled back then. As a fan, I didn’t know she actually likes swimming. I didn’t understand what it meant or what she wanted me to do. As time went by, I realised that she really likes to be in the water a lot. Like what I mentioned in another post (LOVE DIARY: A PRINCESS DREAM), I always feel the pure joy in her whenever I bring her for a swim and dip myself in the pool.

This piece of drawing was done in the same style as the one I did for Sooyoung’s birthday (FOR SOOYOUNG: OPEN MY EYES). This was done using watercolours and pencil, and it also has a constellation for Taenggu’s horoscope, Pisces. I also added 2 fishes, drawn the same way like her latest new tattoo on her middle finger.

Taenggu’s fish tattoo on her middle finger

To round off this post, I want to share that today (170310) I saw some new images of her at Music Bank pre-recording. When I saw these pictures, I thought her hairstyle gave me an instant feeling of a mermaid image. I call it the mermaid hairstyle. It suited her well. She looked pretty as usual. As expected, she is a mermaid. <3

*Updated on 13 March 2017*

This was a picture taken from her InstaStory on 11 March, the next day after I posted this blog post. This was her look for her Music Core performance on that day. She was wearing a gorgeous seashell earring. Doesn’t she really look like a mermaid these days? ᄏᄏ

Taenggu wearing a seashell earring for Music Core performance on 11th March

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