Officially Launched!

I hereby proudly announced that on this special day of 9 March 2017, my website “All My Love Is For Taenggu (AMLIFT)” is officially launched! This website is meant to be a special birthday present for Taeyeon a.k.a Taenggu who is celebrating her 29th (korean age) birthday today.

For the past one month since the website was created on 31st January, I have been actively preparing, designing and updating it with my love stories with Taenggu which I have kept to myself for the past 4 years. All I could say is this website happened at the right time when I was having plenty of free time at work to do this. It’s fate. It’s a new direction given to me by the universe to make this website come true.

Of course, my love stories with Taenggu don’t just end here. From today onwards, I will continue to update this website actively with bits and pieces of our love stories, memories and life at least twice every week. This is the place where I will reveal and express my true feelings towards Taenggu for 4 years and counting. This is the key to unlock the mysteries behind our relationship.

Please stay tuned and do keep a lookout for new updates on this favourite personal space of mine! <3

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