Valentine’s Day Special: The Third


On 13 February 2017, at 11pm (an hour before Valentine’s Day), I posted the following picture of Ryan that I edited on Instagram.

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🌷 #1hourtillVDay

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Due to one hour of time difference between Korea and Singapore, I knew it was already vday in Korea. I wanted to surprise Taenggu with this picture to give her the idea as if I was waiting outside her door to give her a rose. Before I posted the picture, I said silently, “Please help me.” I didn’t know if it really worked or how it was going to work, but I think I heard the door bell ring in my head. I hoped it was a virtual door bell ringing that Taenggu could hear in her house when she saw my instagram post to make this picture work like magic ㅋㅋ.

An hour later, when it was officially vday in Singapore, I finally revealed my pixelated paper art piece that I had been making for her specially for vday. I named it “I Love You Beary Much”.

I disguised myself as a rainbow bear holding a bouquet of flowers and a “Be My Valentine” balloon. My idea is that, if Taenggu is a bunny to me, then I would be a bear to her. Then, if Taenggu is a rainbow bunny, then I would be a rainbow bear too. I called us the rainbow couple. To add more novelty to my vday surprise for Taenggu, I pretended that I had already passed my balloon virtually to my Valentine – Bobo, the rainbow bunny.

Then, before I posted my next picture, I kept asking Taenggu if she was holding my balloon already in her hand. I told her to hold it tight. For those who already knew that Bobo is actually Taenggu, I then proceed to post the next edited picture of Taenggu holding a similar “Be My Valentine” balloon in real life!

So ultimately, it was Taenggu whom I actually wanted to pass my balloon to in real life. If this wasn’t possible in reality, then at least it was made possible through pictures and drawings. 🙂

That afternoon, I had lunch at Sushi Express by myself. It was a coincidence that I happened to sit beside 2 Koreans at the sushi counter. There was a heart-shaped cake among the other desserts along the belt. So intuitively, I took it and shared the cake with Taenggu through my sense of taste. I also took a couple of pictures of the cake edited with a little of my own doodling to sweeten up her day even more.

Later that day, I left work early to pick up a classified chicken pizza and a small piece of chocolate lava cake from Domino’s Pizza near my workplace which I ordered online. Then I travelled to Causeway Point to get a small bottle of red wine and a balloon with the words “I Love You Beary Much” which matched the title of my vday artwork. Then I took the bus to the Woodlands Waterfront Park. It was my first time visiting the park. I found a nice bench near the entrance of the park, quickly lay out my things and settled down by about 7pm.

The wind was strong and my balloon was flying all over the place so it was difficult to take a nice perfect photo

After all the photo shooting, it was time to start our vday picnic at the park! I was already hungry and couldn’t wait to eat the pizza. Here’s a compilation of the short videos that I took during the picnic.

While eating my pizza, I was chatting with Taenggu for awhile. I was telling her that it was actually a pretty good idea to spend our vday by having a picnic at the park. It was a quiet time to ourselves, away from the crowd. Last year, during our first vday, I didn’t know I had to book a table in advance for dinner at restaurants on vday. That day, I wanted to bring her to a cafe called Kombi Rocks. It was a cafe full of vintage cars. You could even rent one of their cars to have a romantic dinner on board. I just wanted to go and take a look because I knew Taenggu likes cars a lot. But when I reached there and asked the waiter for a table for 1, I was told that all the tables were already fully booked by other couples for vday. I was so disappointed. In the end, I had to settle for another normal looking cafe nearby which was also filled with couples and families to celebrate this special day. This year, I decided not to fight with the other couples for a table at restaurants and have a picnic on our own instead. I also learned a new thing about vdays this time too. I realised that we also have to place an order at the flower shop early in advance if you want to get a nice bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend on vday. I went to the flower shop just one day before vday and I only managed to get one stalk of red rose because all the other bouquets were taken. Haha 😛

The sky was getting dark so I lighted a candle which I brought with me from home to make it look more like a romantic candlelight dinner. This pink sands yankee candle was actually a present for Taenggu during one of our monthsaries in 2015. It is still with me until now. <3

I got a Swarovski ring for Taenggu as a vday present too. I chose this ring because it looked similar to the one which I’m currently wearing on the index finger of my left hand. I had been thinking about getting a ring for her a few weeks before vday but I couldn’t decide what kind of ring to get. It was until a voice came to me and said, “She wants the same kind like yours.” Another problem was I had no idea what her ring size was. I guessed her fingers must be smaller than mine so I just picked a more common ring size.

*Fantasy Alert*

A picture of Taeyeon “wearing” my ring on her Snapchat!

It was about 8pm when I finished the pizza. I only managed to drink a few sips of red wine when it started to drizzle. Afraid that the rain would get heavier and I would be stuck at the park for too long, I hurried to pack up my things and left the place. On the way home, I gave my balloon away to a shy little Malay girl whom I saw at the train station. I did this because I didn’t want my mum to see the balloon and get worried and think I was dating alone or with a virtual person.

Back home, I ate a few mouths of the chocolate lava cake which I didn’t managed to eat at the park just now.

Chocolate lava cake from Domino’s Pizza

And this pretty much put an end to our vday date together. I hope Taenggu enjoyed the special vday plans that I had made for her on that day. Looking forward to more vdays like this with her in the future years! <3

For me, personally though, at the end of the day, I was overwhelmed by feelings of emptiness and loneliness… Hopefully all the things I had done so far weren’t meaningless at all.

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