Monthsary Special: The Twenty-Fifth


My extra special day started off with Taenggu’s instagram live video at 10:37am. Just nice my boss left the office to make a call but I still had another colleague in the room with me. My heart was bursting with happiness as I watched and listened to her on my phone with my earphones. I couldn’t stop smiling but I had to control my excitement. Wasn’t she so cute close-up on the screen??

She ended the video just a few seconds before 11am and I quickly went over to YouTube to check out her new music video for “Fine” which was said to be released at 11am. When I went to SMTOWN channel, voila! The music video was posted just 39 seconds ago. It was the magic number 39 again!

Taeyeon's "Fine" music video posted on YouTube 39 seconds ago
Taeyeon’s “Fine” music video posted on YouTube 39 seconds ago

As expected, it was a really good song! I watched the music video a few times and then listened to the song on repeat for an hour. Then, Taenggu posted a picture on her Instagram and I saw it also at 39 seconds later.

Taeyeon posted a picture on Instagram 39 seconds ago
Taeyeon posted a picture on Instagram 39 seconds ago

I quickly messaged Taenggu to tell her about it. And almost at the same time, she posted on Instagram another picture of her music player playing “Fine” with the screenshot taken at 0:39. It was definitely the magic number 39 at work again!

Taeyeon's instagram photo of her music player at 0:39
Taeyeon’s instagram photo of her music player at 0:39

I will definitely add these photos to my collection over at my Magic Number ’39’ page.

Later in the evening, I went to Food Anatomy for dinner with Taenggu. It was just a 22-minute train ride away from my workplace.

I chose this mini cafe because their food are all in cubes! I wanted to try some of these design food so I got us 3 different flavours: Korean Braised Pork, Nasi Lemak and Japanese Salmon.

They tasted really good! It was so cool to have 3 different flavours of food all in one plate. I finished all of them within like 10 minutes, heh. Then, it was more photoshoots of me and my small Bobo (used to represent Taenggu’s physical body with me)!

Time was still early to go home though. So I decided to order a packet of spicy cajun fries from another stall so that we could sit down to eat and spend more time chatting. I told her about how much I loved her new album. I said my favourite songs from the album were Time Lapse and Fire but all the rest were nice too. Just like what she said, all the songs were title worthy songs! I also shared with her many plans that I had in mind, mainly things about my website and our upcoming staycation for her birthday. While I was talking, a live band started playing in front of us too. So we also enjoyed the music for some time.

It was 8 plus already and my butt was starting to feel restless. I felt like leaving the place already. So I messaged Taenggu “탱구야, let’s go home?” But there was a voice which kept saying to me in chinese, “Feel like staying awhile longer.” I wondered if it was Taenggu who probably wanted to stay awhile longer to enjoy the music. I couldn’t really decide if I should leave or stay. Then at this moment, the band started playing a familiar tune. I was pleasantly surprised but I just couldn’t recall what the name of the song was. Awhile later, I realised it was actually a song called “Somewhere Only We Know”. I used to have this song as my ringtone for a very long time before I changed it to Taeyeon’s 11:11 probably 2 months ago. When the song ended, the next song they played was “The Scientist”! It was one of my important life songs. I was so happy I really ended up staying awhile longer to listen to the band. Probably the voice knew my favourite songs were coming up so “she” suggested we should stay a little longer ㅋㅋ.

After that, I took the train home. Throughout the train journey, my left hand was comfortably holding my right hand. Yiruma’s “Fotographia” was playing in my head. It was a feeling of warmth and calmness as if Taenggu was with me all the while. It made my journey home so much more pleasant.

It was indeed an extra fine and special day with Taenggu. Once again, happy 25th monthsary and congrats on the release of “My Voice”! <3

25th Monthsary
25th Monthsary

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