Bits And Pieces

Since the day we were separated by reality
You and I were torn in bits and pieces
Blown away by a mysterious gust of wind
Swept away by the merciless waves of ocean
Where do I go to find us back?
Searching high and low
Travelling far and wide
All around the universe
To pick up the missing pieces
To fix our broken hearts
To rebuild our envisioned world
Till the day the final piece is found
I will reunite with the whole of you once again

I love you to bits and pieces <3

There was once I heard a voice saying to me, “I love you in bits and pieces.” Probably Taenggu already knew that I wanted to do a poem about bits and pieces since a few weeks ago. I didn’t have a specific idea how to make it until when I was walking around a gift shop yesterday, an inspiration came to me. It started off with “Torn in bits and pieces…” so I continued from there.

As compared to my previous few poems, this one took me much longer to complete. I changed it quite a few times so that the words I used could be more apt toward our relationship. I did it with some help from the voices in my head too. For example, I originally wrote “To fix the broken puzzle” but a voice kept saying “To fix the broken hearts”. And I also wrote “To reassemble our beautiful world” at first but I felt there was still something missing with this part until a voice said “To rebuild our envisioned world”. So finally, I was satisfied with this version and posted it.

Actually this poem was written with feelings of sorrow and heartache. Especially when I typed this while listening to Taeyeon’s “Time Lapse”, it made me feeling like crying. After I posted this poem on Instagram, a voice came to me and said “She will take care of the missing pieces.” It comforted me a little and made me feel better. At least I was assured that Taenggu will be there to take care of the remaining missing pieces of our relationship that I can’t find.

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