Love Diary: A Princess Dream

27 February 2017

Dear Diary

If there was anything memorable that happened today, it was a voice that said “Everybody is waiting for a chance to be a princess” when I was depositing my bag in a locker at the swimming pool. I could remember this vividly because it was one of the longest sentences that I have ever heard from a voice in my head. It made sense to me. I wondered if the voice was referring to a blog post that I wrote earlier today. In that post, I mentioned that I wished I could be the younger one and had an elder sibling to take care of me (see related post “I Will Be Your Unnie”). What the voice said was so true. It is probably every girl’s dream to be treated like a princess, isn’t it?

I believe it’s Taenggu’s dream to be a princess too? ㅋㅋ Nowadays, I have been taking her for a swim every week because I know she really likes swimming so much. It is a very strong inner feeling that I get from her. For everytime the moment I submerge myself into the water, I could feel that feeling of pure joy and happiness inside of me. I know she is always a part of me. When she feels happy, I could feel it too. When we swim, it’s like I’m lending her my body for her to swim all she can. I’m fulfilling her desire to swim. This has become one of my ways to pamper her like a princess.

For today’s swim, during the last 10 minutes, I went to the jacuzzi to lie down in the water and relax. Then, I started seeing some images of Taenggu in my head. She was wearing a dark swimsuit, almost like mine. She had a really thick black hair. It was an image of her before she dipped herself in the pool I guess because she was still dry. And she was smiling so happily.

My silly princess mermaid girlfriend ㅋㅋ

Yours Truly


*Edited on 3 March

These are photos of her today (3/3/17) reporting for work at Music Bank. She just dyed her hair black again yesterday. The image of her with thick black hair in my mind during swimming which I mentioned in my above diary looked very similar like that. The shape and style of her hair was exactly like that. And she was also smiling so cutely and brightly.

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