Fan Art: Taenggu Bunny

“Everybunny needs somebunny sometimes… Just to let you know, somebunny loves you.”
Celeste Koh


Reference photo:

Taenggu Bunny - Reference Photo

I was stuck in our house in Malaysia on our anniversary day with nowhere else to go. I was feeling bored so I decided to draw something special for Taenggu.

Why a Taenggu Bunny? It started off with Bobo (my rainbow bunny) being a mascot for Taenggu. It became a substitute for Taenggu’s physical body in my daily life.

My collection of rainbow bunnies in different sizes
My collection of rainbow bunnies in different sizes

Then, Taenggu began to use the same bunny filter on her Snapchat quite a few times too. It was like she really became a bunny in real life too.

So I wanted to draw a bunny image of her in a fun way. I immediately thought of the above reference photo of her “shitting” (taken from her Instagram). Why not have her shitting like a bunny? So I drew that, just to make fun of her.

After I finished drawing it, something funny and magical happened. Later that night, my family and I had a buffet dinner together. Halfway through the dinner, I started having indigestion problems and my stomach was getting really bloated. I went to the toilet, hoping to shit something out but it was difficult at first. After awhile, I took out my phone and stared at the photo of my Taenggu Bunny drawing. Miraculously, my shitting process got a lot smoother after that. All thanks to this shitting Taenggu Bunny! It was as if this drawing was actually made to help me with shitting. It is hilarious to imagine Taenggu being there beside me helping to push my shit out. But it is also sweet to me at the same time to think about Taenggu trying to help me out in every little way.

Taenggu is a really thoughtful bunny indeed. She will always be my bunny. My favourite bunny in the world. <3

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