2nd Anniversary: Love Is King

“I crown Taenggu as the king of my heart.”
Celeste Koh


For our anniversary last year, I brought Taenggu to Arteastiq to paint. For this year’s anniversary, I decided to do the same too. But we did it one week before the actual day because 29 January happened to fall on Chinese New Year Day 2 when I had to be visiting my relatives.

This was only my second time painting since last year. I already had the idea for this painting about 1 or 2 weeks before we went to paint. The hand in the painting is my left hand, which represents Taenggu’s hand. It has the ring that I always wear on the index finger of my left hand. The hand is in the posture of the love hand sign. This was inspired by Taenggu. I have seen many images of her posing with that hand sign, even in my head. It became part of our love language.

I painted the background in rainbow colours because it is the colour of my rainbow bunny. It also represents the colour of our love.

At the end, I specially added a gold glittered crown above her hand. There was a small episode about crowns between us too. One morning while on the way to work, I took a selfie on SNOW and added a sticker of a crown on top of my head. Later that day, I saw a new photo of her for Banila Co. taken by a fan where she was wearing a crown too. It was a sweet coincidence.

Taenggu and I wearing a crown on the same day
Taenggu and I wearing a crown on the same day

To me, Taenggu is like a king of everything. There is nothing she cannot do. She is even the king of my heart. The ruler of my heart. She is 킹탱구. I had an image of 킹탱구 appearing in my head before too. I will be sharing about it along with my other mind images of Taenggu under Taenggu In My Mind some time in the future.

This painting marks 2 years of our relationship together. It may look simple, but it has special meanings about our love behind each object in the painting. You can call it a painting of love symbols. <3

Anniversary flower for the year:

24th Monthsary Flower

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