Love Diary: Take Me Down The Memory Lane In Fotographia

25 February 2017

Dear Diary

Today my sister and I went to watch Yiruma’s piano concert in Singapore at The Star Theatre. I bought the tickets as a birthday gift for my sister last year. I used to listen to Yiruma’s songs a lot too, especially the famous “River Flows In You” and “Kiss The Rain”. So I went to the concert with the feelings of enjoying his music once again.

170225 Yiruma Live In Singapore 2017
Seated in The Star Theatre, waiting for the concert to start
Proudly showing off my ticket
Proudly showing off my ticket

When the concert started and the piano began to play, a steady stream of images and voices started coming into my head. Immersed in this world of music without words, the creative side of my brain was stimulated and my imagination started to flow freely. It was a flood of information. I will try my best to write down here all that I could remember from the concert.

In my head, it was all about me and Taenggu. There were so many unspoken words between us. It was only with images that I was able to get a glimpse of the situation between us in her daily life. I started seeing/imagining how our daily interactions in life could have been like. It could have been moments in the past or the present. Accompanied by Yiruma’s sorrowful and romantic pieces of music, I was often close to tears while seeing these images.

There were, in particular, 2 still images of Taeyeon which kept appearing in my head that night. For sure, they were photographs of her which I had seen before and probably left a deep impression in me. One of them was from her ‘I’ photoshoot when she was hugging a tree, the other was from her InstaStory when she was sitting up really straight at a bus stop or taxi stand.

What did these pictures actually mean? Sometimes, from the corner of my eye, I could see/feel as if Taenggu was right next to me, sitting really straight and looking stoned, just like in the above picture on the right. “She” looked like she was watching and listening to the concert really attentively. In the picture on the above left, she gave me the feeling that she was mesmerised by the music.

Sometimes, I saw Taenggu smiling like a kid in my head too, just like in her childhood photos below. She was smiling really brightly and innocently.

If there was a song that left the deepest impression in me during the concert, it had to be “Fotographia”. Before he started playing this song, he explained that the word “fotographia” is a foreign word for “photograph”. Because we were not allowed to take any photographs during the concert in the theatre, he encouraged us to take photographs with our heads instead. The moment when he started pressing the piano keys, that same 2 prominent pictures of Taenggu began alternating in my head again, accompanied by a voice repeatedly saying “back and forth, back and forth, back and forth…” Awhile later, another voice came and said, “photographic memory”.

You can check out this performance video of “Fotographia” and you may understand why the music gives people a feeling of “back and forth” at the start.

There were also a few songs near the end of the concert when I seemed to hear some Taeyeon’s voices. Probably it was during a song called “Indigo” or “Reminiscent”. I heard a mixture of voices (some from Taeyeon, some from another person). The voices were in bits and pieces like this, “…Don’t change me…I want you to help her…Can you change this for me?…She keeps changing and changing…(this part here sounded to me as if someone was helping with composing something)…Will you still be mine?…(this one sounded as if it was part of some lyrics)…” What did these voices actually mean? I guess the whole idea was probably about Taenggu needing some help with writing lyrics? But yeah, this was just my guess.

The whole concert ended with an unexpected piece of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. I thought it was so nice of Yiruma to play a piece of lullaby for the audience, as if he was sending us off for a pleasant good night sleep after the concert.

Definitely another day of mystical experiences with Taenggu! <3

Yours Truly


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