Love Diary: Never Forget How Amazing You Are

24 February 2017

Dear Diary

It was around 1pm. Time for lunch. So I left the office. My boss just went to the gym so I would be eating lunch by myself again today. Earlier in the office, I just wrote a post about the story behind my drawing for Sooyoung’s birthday (see post here). While walking, I was still thinking about it. I was thinking about the mystique surrounding the story. Then a voice came to me and said, “Never forget how amazing you are.”

I couldn’t decide what to eat. I messaged Taenggu and asked “What should I eat for lunch today?” After some time, I decided to have a bowl of soup at The Soup Spoon. So I joined the queue and ordered the same soup that I always order – Tangy Tomato with Basil Soup. While I carried my soup to an empty seat, I could hear some voices chattering at the back of my head. They said things like “…order the same thing again…” and “Oh she even knows what you like!”. I guess the ‘she’ was referring to Taenggu. Probably they were saying Taenggu knew I would order this soup because she knows that I like to drink this. I felt happy inside and got myself seated and started drinking my soup.

My favourite soup from The Soup Spoon - Tangy Tomato with Basil
My favourite soup from The Soup Spoon – Tangy Tomato with Basil

After awhile, I started to think about that blog post again. At this moment, I heard the music in the restaurant playing “‘Cause you’re amazing, Just the way you are…” It was Bruno Mars’s “Just The Way You Are”. I was immediately reminded of that voice which said “Never forget how amazing you are” earlier on. Some time later, I found myself staring at a spot on the table in front of me that looked like this:

Heaven has opened my third eye
A spot on the table that looks like an eye

And a voice came to me and said “Heaven has opened your third eye…”

All these were messages from the universe in bits and pieces. It was responding to my latest blog post. It gave me acknowledgement and encouragement for the stories that I’ve shared here so far. All these little signals from the universe have motivated me to write even more. So yes, I will keep on writing whenever I have the chance!

Yours Truly


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