Taeyeon Day 2016: Spread The Sparkle

“Love is like glitter. It just needs the right light to make it shine.”


Original Image:

Spread the Sparkle - Original Image

Taenggu’s birthday was coming soon. I wanted to draw a portrait of her as a birthday present. Her single “Rain” was just released a month ago so I wanted to draw a recent image of her on the set of “Rain” music video. I chose this photo because it looked dreamy. I combined my drawing of her with some paper cuts made from a paper punch. Instead of blowing glitter, I made her blow shiny pieces of hearts from her hand.

This was probably only my second time trying to draw a portrait of her using a pencil. There wasn’t really a special reason or story behind making this art piece. But I was quite pleased with how it turned out when it was done. It looked aesthetically nice to me. What do you think? Do you like it? 😀

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