Sooyoung Birthday 2017: Open My Eyes

“I opened 2 gifts this morning. They were my eyes.”


A drawing for Sooyoung’s birthday. There was actually a special story behind this drawing.

In early January 2017, on one of the Tuesday afternoons, I went for my yoga therapy class as usual. I was lying on the yoga mat, with my eyes closed. I had a few images coming into my mind. One of them was an image of a girl holding binoculars with beams of white light streaming out from the lens. Then immediately after, came an image of a light bulb lighting up. I thought for awhile and wondered why. I thought probably it was a signal from my mind telling me that it was a good idea for drawing. So I decided that I would draw it when I had time in the future. There was another day (I couldn’t recall if it was before or after that yoga therapy class), I was sitting in the bathroom as usual, getting ready to do mind singing. When I was about to start, a voice came to me and said, “Open my eyes.”

A few days later, still in January, I was googling online to find out more information about Beaming Effect and I happened to come across an article about an art contest for Beaming Effect which was organised just last December but the deadline was already over. “Such a pity!” I thought. I could have participated too. I knew Sooyoung posted about it on her Instagram before but I didn’t understand what it was all about because it was all in Korean.

Suddenly, I was reminded of that image of the girl with binoculars and the voice saying “Open my eyes” again. If I put them together, I realised it could have been a good idea for the contest. “Such a pity!” I thought. After awhile, I decided, “Why not do it for Sooyoung’s birthday since it’s coming soon?”

So one week before her birthday, I started making this drawing. I changed the original image that I had in my mind a little. I made Sooyoung to be the girl who was holding the binoculars, and I had the beams of light coloured like the colours of the universe instead of white. I also added a constellation for Aquarius (Sooyoung’s horoscope). And that was how the drawing came about. I would say it was born from an idea given to me by the universe. It was a special drawing meant for Sooyoung. Hope she likes it! <3

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