#17 Monthsary: Parachute

“Always have a safe landing everytime after you fly high”
Celeste Koh


It was going to be our 17th monthsary in a few days’ time. I hadn’t made up my mind what to do for our monthsary drawing yet. But there was one word that kept recurring in my mind randomly during that period of time. It was the word “parachute”. I wondered why and what it meant to me.

It was a mentally tiring month for me. I was facing a lot of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with my job, due to my unreasonable boss. At the same time, I was trying to cope with doing my mind singing work too. I was already mentally drained because of my full-time job in the day. When it came to mind singing at night, I was too tired and it became more difficult to control what my mind was up to unconsciously. To me, mind singing is like flying high in the sky. When I get tired, I just want to fall quickly back to the ground and take a rest. But instead of having a hard fall, I want to fall safely back to the ground with a parachute, back to Taenggu’s side. To me, being back with Taenggu means back to safety. It’s a kind of down-to-earth feeling. I guess that was what “parachute” meant to me. It was probably an idea from Taenggu too. Probably it was her idea to tell me to come back down and stay by her side. She probably knew I was having a hard time and just wanted to tell me gently to take a rest.

Till this day, it still remains a mystery to me why I kept hearing the word “parachute” at that time. Was it Taenggu who said this word? Or was it just a metaphor that my mind was using to alert me that it was time to take a rest?

That month, even though I was’t sure, I decided to incorporate this idea of parachute into our monthsary drawing. I guess I wanted to tell her the same too. Whenever she feels tired with work, she can always come back to me and I will always be there for her. A safety fall – that’s my idea of parachute. <3

Flower for the month:

17th Monthsary Flower

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