Pyramid Of Love

We all started from the base of a pyramid
I was just one in a million
I became your fan
If I jumped and raised my hands up high
It’s me, it’s me
Would you notice me?

So I climbed higher
I was one in a thousand
We became friends
If I waved my hands at you
It’s me, it’s me
Would you recognise me?

So I climbed higher and higher
I finally reached the top
I became your one and only
I tapped you from behind
You turned around and said
“It’s you.”

The idea came when I was doing facial at the beauty salon on 20 February 2017. My eyes were closed. I started seeing images in my head. One of these images was a pyramid. And then there was an Egyptian sand head statue. And then I saw a back view of Taenggu running towards the pyramid. Then came a voice saying “Take me there”. It seemed like a nice picture to photoshop, I thought. And it seemed like a brilliant idea to make another poem too, about pyramid this time. So 2 days later, while travelling on the train, I composed this poem to kill boredom.

The idea of using pyramid to signify the relationship between me and Taenggu is rather intuitive. It probably represents the feelings of many other fans toward an idol like Taeyeon too. It’s about my struggle of being a fan and a girlfriend at the same time. Our love had to progress in basically 3 stages: from a fan to a friend and ultimately, becoming her significant other. From the start, it was filled with so much uncertainties. Did she notice me? Does she know me? Could she recognise me from the crowd? It is the journey of trying to climb higher to be closer to her so that she could identify me finally.

The above picture that I managed to edit to accompany this poem isn’t the same as the image I had in my mind originally. But at least it looks really good to me. I will probably draw out the original image later in the future when I have time. 🙂

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