Love Diary: She Knows Me Better

22 February 2017

Dear Diary

In the morning, I told Taenggu that I would be meeting a couple of friends for dinner today. They are Elaine and Evonne, my ex-section mates from symphonic band in secondary school. Usually, when I meet my friends for an outing or dinner, I would ask her to join us. This time, however, I didn’t specifically tell her if I wanted her to go with me.

At about 5pm, I spontaneously decided to go for a massage at somewhere near my workplace. So I messaged Taenggu about it and went for a 30-min neck and back massage. After the massage, I whispered to her, “How was the massage?” A voice in my head replied, “It feels good!”

Then I took the train to Bishan. Usually, I would feel kinda bored during a train ride. I would use my phone and browse through my Instagram feed or do some photo editing just to pass time. But today, throughout the 40-min train ride, I didn’t feel the urge to look at my phone at all. It was kept in my pocket all the time. My right hand was naturally holding my left hand, as if I was holding Taenggu’s hand. It was a very comfortable feeling. It felt like Taenggu’s soul was accompanying me by my side. I felt more patient. I was simply standing up straight, patiently waiting for my train to reach Bishan station.

When I reached Bishan, I was about to text Taenggu “Reached Bishan!” like how I normally would when I reach a station. But before I could text, my mind was thinking aloud “Reached Marsiling!”. “Haha!” I thought, “It must have been Taenggu wishing that I was going home instead of meeting my friends.”

At 7 plus, I met Elaine and Evonne and we went to a Japanese restaurant for dinner. At the table, we chatted happily and caught up with each other a lot. The three of us hadn’t met together for almost 2 years. All the while, I felt Taenggu was inside of me too. After we finished eating, we continued to chat for awhile. They asked me to take this online personality test which is popular lately. While I was doing the test, they were trying to guess which type of personality I would be. When I finished, my result was “INFP” type. Elaine guessed it correctly! We immediately shook hands and said “I know you so well/You know me so well!” At this time, though, a voice came to my head and said “She (Taenggu) said she knows you better.” ㅋㅋ It was so sweet I had to agree with that too.

Today was an example and a reminder to me of how well she could understand me after these 2 years. Even though I didn’t ask her to stay with me, she still tried to make her presence felt to me. She helps to comfort and calm my nerves in social situations too. I feel like I could communicate much better with her around. Being with her makes living much easier. I love her. <3

Yours Truly


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