Love Bubbles

Your voice came to me and said “I love you!”
And POP!
Your speech bubble burst.

Your face came to me and waved “Annyeong!”
And POP!
My thought bubble burst.

You drank a can of soda and exclaimed “So tasty!”
And POP!
The gas bubbles in your tummy burst.

You went to the bathtub and called for me “Let’s bathe together!”
And POP!
The soap bubbles burst.

Nothing stays forever
In just a short moment
They come and go
Like bubbles popping

But one thing stays the same
It’s our love bubble
It doesn’t pop
But just keeps growing

May our love bubble continue to grow bigger and bigger.
I love you <3

I had an idea to make a poem related to bubbles when I was soaking in the bubble bath at the onsen on 10 February 2017 (Sooyoung’s birthday). I didn't have any specific ideas how to compose it yet but I knew it had to be about the love between me and Taenggu. It was until yesterday when I was alone at home lying on the sofa with my giant life-sized bunny soft toy (not the rainbow one, but the pink-purple one), I decided to give a more serious thought about composing this poem about bubbles. So with my bunny on top of me, I started composing it verbally as if I was talking to the bunny. The thought process was pretty smooth. It felt as if the bunny and I were exchanging ideas and making this poem together. About 20 minutes later, this poem was born. ㅋㅋ Hope you like it!

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