Fan Edit: Mister Q

Original Image:

Mister Q - Original Image

QQ is one of my latest nicknames for Taenggu. It started during one of the days after a facial, I poked my face as if I was touching Taenggu’s cheeks and said “It’s so QQ!”. ‘QQ’ is actually a phrase mostly used in Taiwan which means “chewy”. It is similar to the Italian phrase, al dente. Since then, I started calling her ‘QQ’ because she is always so cute to me. To me, ‘QQ’ is like a short form for saying “cute cute” too.

Sometimes, when the mood kicks in, I would say certain things mindlessly without even understanding what they mean. Recently, I like to say a phrase that sounds like “QQ miss the queue”. It might also be interpreted as “QQ mister Q”, depending on the tone you use to say it. It doesn’t really mean anything. It just became one of my pet phrases since then.

Slowly, I had an idea to portray Taenggu as Mister Q. My idea of Mister Q looks something like my reference picture below. He’s like a gentleman.

Mister Q - Reference Picture

Later, I happened to come across a suitable photo of a really cool and handsome Taenggu so I edited it and that was how Mister Q came alive. Gentleman Tae. <3

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