Fan Edit: Bubblegum Taeng

Original Image:

Bubblegum Taeng - Original Image

Nowadays, I enjoy doodling on my Samsung Note 5 phone a lot when I feel bored. Especially when I’m travelling on the train or sitting on the toilet bowl, I try to spend some time to get my creative juices flowing too. I would look for some of my favourite photos of Taeyeon and see if I could make some simple and fun edits to them. It makes me feel happy after doing it. This is one of my edits, Taeyeon blowing a bubblegum instead of biting a flower.

This reminds me of the image of her blowing a bubblegum in her “Why” music video.

Bubblegum Taeng ('Why' Music Video)

Isn’t she cute? ㅋㅋ

*Updated on 16 March 2017*

Here’s Bubblegum Cel for you.

Bubblegum Taeng versus Bubblegum Cel ㅋㅋㅋ

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