#15 Monthsary: Out Of This World With You

“Love is being out of this world with you.”
Celeste Koh


Yet another theme about flying. This time, it’s a rocket. It’s about a desire to travel out of this world with Taenggu. Our relationship itself is already very out of this world. There are most certainly no other living couples in this world who have the same kind of relationship like ours. I mean, which couples would communicate with each other by whispering to a blank space, rather than talking face to face? Which couples would try to make a phone call to each other without having to dial a number first? Which couples would touch each other without seeing and feeling each other’s physical body?

The drawing is probably hidden with a tinge of unhappiness with my current life at that time. I get tired of it too. I want something normal. I want a normal human relationship too. But it seems that in reality, we can’t do it the normal way. I feel like there is no place in this world that could sustain our relationship normally. If that’s the case, I really wish we could get out of Earth and escape to somewhere outer space where we could be physically together and live like a normal couple finally.

No doubt our relationship is special. I’m happy to be figuratively out of this world with her but at the same time, I want to be literally out of this world with her too, just to be normal with each other finally.

Flower for the month:

15th Monthsary Flower

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