Valentine’s Day 2016: Valentine Love From Jack

“For it is plain as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.”
Jack and Sally


For Valentines’ Day the year before (2015), I made a pixelated heart as an art piece for Taenggu. This year (2016), I decided to do something pixelated too. I call it the paper pixel art which I have invented. This time, I wanted to disguise myself as Taenggu’s favourite Jack Skellington to send some love to her from me on this special day. My idea was to have Jack as her valentine that year.

Doing this kind of paper pixel art could take up long hours of time though. That year, I just started working full-time as a professional not long ago. Work had been busy and pretty tiring back then. It was a new milestone in my life and I was still adjusting to it slowly. I only managed to find time just one or two days before vday to finally start making this art. I remember on the night before vday, I had to stay up late throughout the night to finish it in time for vday. By the time it was completed, it was probably already 3 or 4am in the morning. My back was aching badly by then but it was all worth it. The result was an awesome pixelated Jack Skellington with a simple cute pixelated heart for Taenggu.

In the previous year, I did 413 squares altogether. This time, though, I was too lazy and tired to count how many squares there were altogether. Probably you could help me do the counting and let me know how many squares it was? ㅋㅋ

And of course, Valentine’s Day would never be complete without a red rose! <3

Valentine Love from Jack
Valentine Love from Jack

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