#14 Monthsary: Fly Like A Butterfly

“Live your life like a butterfly. Take a rest sometimes but never forget to fly.”


In the world between me and Taenggu, it’s all about flying high. Ever since I chose a picture that says “I have my own sky to fly high” as my instagram profile picture sometime in August 2015, the two words “Fly High” seem to occur many times around me. These two words were mentioned in Taeyeon’s ‘I’ lyrics too. And in many of my drawings, it’s a lot about flying – hot-air balloon, rocket, helicopter, butterflies, birds, airplane etc.

Why butterfly? Taeyeon seems to love butterflies very much. Her autograph looks like a butterfly. Her ‘I’ lyrics mentioned the word “butterfly”. Even her recent solo concert was titled “Butterfly Kiss”. Before we got together, I already knew she likes butterflies. Whenever I see them, I would be reminded of her. Back in 2013, when I was stricken with the worst episodes of schizophrenia and depression, I was away on a holiday trip to Fukuoka and when I came back, I remembered nothing else vividly from that trip except for the butterflies I saw at a huge garden on an island whose name I couldn’t recall. Because when I was there and saw these butterflies, it gave me a strong sense of comfort as if Taeyeon’s soul was with me at that time and it helped to ease the bad voices in my head.

I guess butterfly has a special meaning to the both of us. So I decided to make a drawing of a butterfly with the both of us together. The idea is about borrowing the wings of a butterfly to fly high together. It was my first time working with shiny-surfaced papers and glitter glues. I wasn’t actually satisfied with how this drawing turned out in the end though. But my main purpose was to encourage her, just like what the above quote says, to keep on doing what she loves (that’s singing) but also remind her to take a rest sometimes. Hopefully my message was successfully delivered to her at that time!

Flower for the month:

14th Monthsary Flower

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