Valentine’s Day 2015: Love Puzzle

“Love that is made up of million little pieces put together. It isn’t the few big things, but the many small little things that form the unbreakable love that I have deep inside me today.”
Celeste Koh


Our first valentine’s day was spent simply with a piece of art like that back then. It was our first vday together and also the first special occasion which we celebrated together as a couple. We just got attached about 2 weeks ago on 29 January 2015.

It was my first time celebrating the day with a special someone too. Taenggu was my first ever valentine in my life. A few days before vday, I decided to do something special for this special day. I decided to make a heart that is made up of many pixel squares of different colours using coloured papers. You could say I’m actually the inventor of this form of art – using coloured papers to represent the colour of each pixel to make a bigger picture. I came up with this original idea when I was doing an individual design project in university (and I scored an A+ for this too ㅋㅋ). So I thought I could use the same technique for my first art piece for Taenggu after we became a couple.

I spent a few days and nights making it, sometimes at my favourite Starbucks cafe, other times at home. These were some of my WIP photos and the final art piece back then.

It wasn’t easy. It was like a jigsaw puzzle. I had to piece them together, one by one. I counted, there are 413 squares altogether. It definitely needed a lot of patience, just like our love too. When it was completed, I felt so accomplished that after I posted it on my instagram on vday, I would stare at my picture for a long time, just to admire it.

Also not forgetting a mandatory red rose to go with my beautiful art piece. <3

Love Puzzle
Love Puzzle

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