Love Art: Fly High With You And Leave The World Behind

“I wanna fly high with you baby and just leave the rest of the world behind.”
Celeste Koh


The night before, I wasn’t feeling well. It was a bad flu. I felt agitated. I suddenly felt upset about everything in my life. I needed a change. I wanted to change my Instagram profile picture. I wanted a picture that comes with a quote. I needed to google for an image using a keyword. I thought for awhile and the two words “Fly High” came into my mind. So I typed them in, found this image below which I liked and quickly had my profile picture changed.

I Have My Own Sky To Fly High

That night, I decided to sleep alone in the living room because the air-con in my room was too cold and my mother who was sleeping in the same room wanted to have it switched on. That night, I probably gave Taeyeon the wrong idea that I wanted to do everything alone without her.

The next morning, I realised she was leaving for New York with the rest of the Girls’ Generation members. I was despaired. I had a strong feeling that she was angry and was going to leave me alone. I cried and rushed to tell her that I wanted to go with her and didn’t expect her to leave me unknowingly. In desperation, I tried to reach and talk to her. I said I would take the long flight to New York with her.

While “on the plane” with her, I wanted to make an art for her so that she could see it when her plane arrived at the destination. I went to buy some coloured papers and made this paper art while sneezing away and blowing my nose.

My idea of this paper art is to tell her that although in reality I couldn’t be on the same plane with her, I would still try to find my own ways to fly with her, even if it means taking a hot air balloon just to reach her and be high up in the air with her. It was all in my mind. This is what the quote “I have my own sky to fly high” actually meant to me. If Taeyeon says she needs me, I would never hesitate to stay by her side, even though I might have to find my own ways to do that.

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