#13 Monthsary: Dreaming In The Rain

“Your soft whispers under the umbrella
It spreads in a corner of my heart,
I can hear you
The sound of the rain sounds peaceful, as if it’s asking me how my day was
In the raindrops of you, colored with the faraway memories
Woo~ Rain, Woo~ Dreaming in the rain”
Taeyeon’s ‘Rain’ Lyrics


In February 2016, Taeyeon’s new song ‘Rain’ was released. Actually the release of its teaser came as a surprise to many fans, even to Taeyeon herself.

On 27th January, I happened to be at home, browsing through the internet. Then I suddenly had a thought to visit SMTOWN’s YouTube channel to do some homework for mind singing. So I went there to take a look and had an unexpected surprise to see a music video teaser of Taeyeon’s ‘Rain’ published on their channel just 1 or 2 minutes ago. There were previously no news about it and even Taeyeon herself was unaware that a teaser would be released on that day as part of SMTOWN’s new project “Station”. I guess it must have been fate. I unintentionally became one of the first few persons to watch this teaser.

When the full track was released in early February, I loved the song very much. I love the dreamy feeling that the tune as well as Taeyeon’s voice gave me. And I love rainy days too. Sometimes, when it rains, I would whisper to her, “Hey, it’s raining! Do you have an umbrella? 우산 있어요? Do you wanna walk in the rain with me? Let’s dance in the rain! Let’s play with the rain!” And all the other dreamy things that I would tell her…

So for our monthsary that month, I decided to do a drawing inspired by the song for her. Dreaming in the rain, that’s what we have always been doing too.

Flower for the month:

13th Monthsary Flower

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