Fan Art: Have You Seen My Jack?

“Just because I cannot see it, doesn’t mean I can’t believe it.”
Jack Skellington


It was my third week of internship and I was coping well so far. Work was extremely busy and I often had to work overtime for more than 8 hours everyday. Usually by the time I reached home, it was already 9 or 10pm.

But during that week, I decided to make some little time after I got home from work each day to draw something for Taeyeon. Every fan knows Taeyeon loves Jack Skellington. So I decided to draw Jack Skellington for her too. I googled for a nice picture of him and started drawing and colouring on the first page of my brand new drawing book. I spent a few days to complete this drawing and found a nice quote from Jack himself to go along with it.

It was actually a perfect quote to describe our attitudes toward our relationship at that time. The love between us had always been invisible. No one could visibly see us together. No text messages, no pictures. We couldn’t see each other too. All we relied on was our sense of hearing. Trying to listen to each other’s soul, trying to read each other’s mind. It wasn’t easy but it seemed like the only way to reach each other. We couldn’t see but we had to believe. The belief we had must have been so strong for our love to be able to last till this day.

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