#6 Monthsary: Oh My Mickey

“It is at the edge of the petal that love waits.”
William Carlos Williams


This was my first drawing that I did for our monthsary after 6 months we got together. I guess all those while I had been getting the feeling from her that she was trying to encourage me to draw and do more art for her. At that time, I just completed my internship and I finally had more free time on my own. On the night before the 29th, I decided to draw something for her. The first thing that came into my mind was Mickey Mouse. I know she likes Mickey Mouse. And like for any other monthsaries, I got a rose for her too. So I had an idea to draw Mickey Mouse that would look as if he is giving my rose to her. A 2D Mickey Mouse holding a real rose. I guess it came as an unexpected surprise for her because it was my first time posting a little piece of art as a monthsary present for her on my Instagram. And from that day onwards, it became a tradition that I would make and do some art for her for almost every subsequent monthsary as a gift.

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