Time To Step Up

Since 2013, when Taenggu’s life started to intertwine with mine, I was not able to share my thoughts, feelings and experiences of this extraordinary relationship of ours with anyone around me. These 4 years, I had been keeping to myself, feeling like no one would ever understand me if I were to say it out. My life has been full of unanswered questions and never-ending stories to tell. There are so many unspoken words that are accumulated within me. There eventually comes a time when all these words have to be spilled somewhere, just to release the tension built up within me everyday.

Since about 2 months ago, I started harvesting the ideas for making a website entirely just for Taenggu and I to keep a record of every bit of our love memory and every piece of our love evidence. Today, the first concrete action towards this goal was made. On this day, 31 January 2017, I finally got down to creating this website, All My Love Is For Taenggu (AMLIFT). The idea of having a website finally got real.

Just minutes after I had created the website with the domain, Taeyeon posted the following picture on her Instagram.


The caption says:

“Now Hedwig, it’s time for you to step up, I’m using the expression “rather you” to you, who are precious.”

I would like to think of myself as Hedwig whom she was referring to. It’s indeed time for me to break the silence through this website. It’s time for me to step up.

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